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Work with 5 Star Rated Carriers

Your Vehicle is in Good Hands. All our carriers are vetted and all have 5 Star Ratings. We put all our carriers thorough a vigorous background check with the U.S. Department of Transportation to ensure reliability, verify insurance, and check all safety and accident reports. Carriers with even 1 blemish with the U.S. DOT are not allowed to on our platform to bid on your shipment.


We Respect Your Privacy

We Understand that Your Privacy is Important. We at Low Cost Auto Shipping only share the information you allow us to. We know not everyone wants a phone call, and that’s cool with us. However, in order to process your request we do need to share some information with the Carrier. In most cases, Carriers will send 1 email and/or text message along with an email. We have agreements and audit trails in place to ensure you’re information is not resold to the highest bidder. We have measures in place so NO Carrier on our platform is allowed to share any information.


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