Cheapest Way to Ship Car

cheapest car shipping company
cheapest way to ship car

Looking for Cheapest Way to Ship Car?

Auto Transport Brokers are a vital part of the auto shipping industry primarily because of their ability to market and get you the cheapest way to ship car because they have access to a vast network. To put it in perspective, a large portion of all freight shipped in US, you know that stuff in your house, your yard, your belly- even including your car, is booked through brokers. Anyone that is searching affordable car shipping who are looking for car shipping solutions are much more likely to find a broker directly than a carrier because brokers have the time and dinero {money} to target clients. So most of those ads you see? Are more than likely a broker. The best part about brokers; Lots of options – Brokers have access to hundreds, sometimes thousands of trucks.

A good broker can find a truck to meet whatever timeline (within reason) you want. Plenty of plan B options if necessary. If your vehicle is on a truck that breaks down and will take more than a day or two to repair, a broker can find another truck to pick your vehicle up from the broken down truck and reduce your waiting time. Industry knowledge. There are lots of bad brokers out there. There are just as many bad carriers out there. A good broker will have a list of carriers that they use regularly. A great broker (*Cough *Cough – Fisher Shipping) will also have a list of companies that they wouldn’t trust to deliver a pizza down the street. Easy to reach – This will depend on who you work with. A good broker will answer their phone and be proactive about any issues that may arise during this process. We actually know of a great broker that answers their phones 7 days a week, until 9PM. I think their logo appears somewhere on this site.

Charles David